Tips for Pleasant Dog Walks in the Rain

Tips for Pleasant Dog Walks in the Rain

While you may prefer to stay home when it’s raining cats and dogs (sorry, how could we resist?), very few dogs refuse to walk in the rain. In fact, many even have a lot of fun in wet weather. However, there are precautions you should take to make your dog walks safe and enjoyable when it’s raining.The secret to walking your furry friend in the rain is to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. In case of hail, you want to ensure that your dog doesn’t suffer from hypothermia. So how can protect your beloved pooch when it’s wet and cold outside? Here is what you need to do when it’s pouring but Fluffy still needs to go outside.

Find a Good Location or Change Routes

Look out for places that will protect you both from the downpour. For example, an area that is covered with trees. This will limit your pooch’s exposure to the rain. You should consider changing the route as well in order to make the walk a little shorter. Furthermore, keep a look out for areas with pavement to escape mud.Your dog is like a young kid and cannot resist splashing in puddles, so you may want to avoid potholed paths where rainwater gets trapped. Splashing water is fun but it can be extremely dangerous if your dog gets too excited, especially if the potholes are deep. Always keep your dog on their leash so that they don’t run into the road.

Get the Right Accessories for Wet Weather

Rain accessories for both you and your dog provide a pleasant experience when walking in wet weather. You should consider getting a pet umbrella that can be attached to a dog collar, plus a canine raincoat to keep your puppy warm. If you have a bigger dog, a waterproof blanket that is also wind resistant would be a great purchase.Waterproofs also come in handy to prevent the dreaded wet dog odour. They have the added bonus of keeping the dog warm. Once you get home, be sure to dry off your pooch’s feet and face with a clean towel. These tips will help you avoid sad puppy eyes during the rainy season!