Poker: A Game You’ll See Almost Everywhere

Poker: A Game You’ll See Almost Everywhere

Poker has been part of the gambling space for over a century. Even the most experienced players have, once upon a time, found themselves playing poker. Perhaps because the game involves strategy, skill, and attention. Therefore, it only took time before poker spilled over to various industrial sectors that have alluded to this casino classic in one way or another. Today we can see poker in art, movies, online, journals, and magazines, advertisements among others.

Painting of Poker Playing Dogs

The famous painting portraying a pack of dogs playing poker around a roundtable has endured more than 100 years, having been painted between 1903-1910. An aspect that makes the painting invaluable is that it belongs to the “breed” of art masterpieces by famous artists including The Birth of Venus (Botticelli), Nighthawks (Hopper), Mona Lisa (Da Vinci), and David (Michelangelo) among many others.The dog painting by Coolidge portrays a level of gag, which was the primary purpose. Later on, the painting was reproduced in sixteen different variations and was designed for use in various advertising campaigns including calendars promoting cigars.

Poker in movies

With the increased popularity, it was only a matter of time before poker was featured in movies. Since the release of Rounders¬†almost 20 years ago many movies, as well as documentaries, have highlighted the game, and why it has endured in the past.After the 1998 release of Rounders, many poker movies featured in the Box Office. They include films like California Split (1974), The String (1973), Oceans Eleven (2001), The Grand (2007), Poker King (2009), among others. Although the 70s classic didn’t achieve so much success in theatres, the new-era poker movies have gotten it right in portraying the critical aspects of the game in a memorable and exciting way.

Poker on the Go

Technological advancements in digital tools have compelled many land-based casinos to opt for a digital migration. Today, players want to have a better poker gambling experience, and there is no better way to do that than from your smart device of choice.Although different gambling sites have various variations of the game, the gameplay is easy and that’s why online rendering of poker has lured many poker lovers. Additionally, online games offer various welcome bonuses to first-time users and a chance to win real cash.